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Avy Jordan Ben-zvi is a very good lawyer. He is honest, sincere and very skillful at his profession. On account of my salary and the ambiguous nature of my marital history I was in a very precarious position, and it was a very scary position for me to be in. Mr. Ben-zvi won my case for me. He saved me from what could have been financial ruin. He saved me from financial disaster and tried to save me from paying for extra legal work which was not necessary. I very highly recommend Avy Jordan Ben-zvi. He will be my lawyer for the rest of my life.

P.M.   Mar 30, 2012

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help during my separation process. It has been a pleasure to work with your company.

Y.G.   Jan 15, 2010

I found Ben-zvi Barrister & Solicitor on the internet through google. The staffs there are professional and the lawyer is very professional. I wound definitely recommend Ben-zvi law to whoever need a family lawyer.

Emily, Toronto   Jul 23, 2008

Ben-zvi Barrister & Solicitor is my saviour. I have a nasty divorce with my husband. He refused to give me spousal support after living with him for 5 years. Mr. Ben-zvi helped me obtain a fat check from my husband. Thank you.

Myers, Markham   Aug 05, 2008

Professional, honest, reliable - That's the remark I have for Mr. Ben-zvi. I was on a legal aid certificate and has no money. My ex-boy friend kicked my child and myself out of the house when he found someone else. Mr. Ben-zvi helped me obtained money from my ex-boy friend to keep me going and some money for raising my child. Without him I will be living on the street now. Thank you.

Natalie, Scarborough   Oct 10, 2008

Avy Ben-zvi is an honest lawyer with a big heart. After my husband died, my stepson kicked me out of the house because my name was not on the land title. I was living in a shelter and was left in the cold. Mr. Ben-zvi helped me negotiated a settlement for joint ownership of the house with my step-son. Thank you Mr. Ben-zvi. I can't imagine how my life would be without my house that I spent 60 years of my life with my deceased husband.

Shelly, Markham   Dec 10, 2008