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Family Collaborative

Individuals seeking resolution in family law matters through the Courts are required to attend multiple management conferences. The purposes of the meetings are to acquire resolutions to divorce matters including custody and access, spousal and child support, and the division of properties.

Family collaborative practice is an efficient, effective, and relatively cheap method to dissolving your marriage. Parties who choose to resolve the issues and differences related to their divorce through collaborative law settlement negotiations are usually able to reach a mutually beneficial separation agreement as compared to settling the family law matter in Court.

The Benefits of Collaborative Practice

  • Both parties are able to contribute to the terms and conditions of the separation agreement;
  • Both parties have greater control of the negotiation process;
  • Improves communication between parties and increases the chance of reaching a mutually    beneficial separation agreement;
  • Relatively cheap as compared to litigation; and
  • Matters can be resolved much quicker as compared to litigation.


Third party professionals such as child psychologists, financial planners, parent coordinators, social workers or other professionals may be included if both parties agree to have additional expertise in complicated matters.

There are some other important issues and particulars that are very fact-dependent. 
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