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Children Aid Society

The Children's Aid Societies (CAS) of Ontario, Canada, are independent organizations empowered by the Ontario government to perform child protection services. They have a lot of power and can take your child(ren) away at their own discretion. They are there to only protect the interests of the child(ren) and not yours. There job duties include:

  • investigate reports or evidence of abuse or neglect of children under the age of 16 or in the society's care or supervision and, where necessary, take steps to protect the children
  • care for and supervise children who come under their care or supervision
  • counsel and support families for the protection of children or to prevent circumstances requiring the protection of children
  • place children for adoption


If you find yourself in a situation were the CAS is involved it is very important to get legal help immediately. Kindly contact us for a consultation with an experienced family lawyer for more information.