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Separation Agreements

separation agreement is a written document settling the issues between parties arising from the end of their relationship. Some of the issues include:

  • Which party the child(ren) will live with and how decisions about the care and control of the child(ren) will be made (custody and guardianship)
  • How the parents will compromise the children’s time (access)
  • How the parents will cover the child(ren)’s financial needs (child support)
  • Whether a spouse is entitled to financial assistance, and, if so, who should provide that assistance and in what amount (spousal support)
  • How the assets will be shared between the parties and how debts will be paid (property division)


Whether you can manage to settle these issues on your own or through a lawyer, you should consider getting a separation agreement for two reasons. First, separation agreements are legal contracts that can be enforced by the court. Second, it’s much cheaper and often quicker to resolve these issues by agreement than in court.